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Le CRITT MATÉRIAUX INNOVATION est impliqué en permanence, en tant que porteur ou participant, à une dizaine de projets collaboratifs de R&D ou de diffusion technologique.
C’est une de ses missions essentielles, qui lui permet de ressourcer en permanence ses équipes, d’être actif et reconnu dans les réseaux scientifiques européens et de proposer des solutions innovantes à ses clients industriels.

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With the support of the European Regional Development Fund

The TEXTOS project’s general target is to develop an innovative 3D matrix for tissue engineering, as purpose to rebuild, regenerate or replace the function of deficient tissues or organs. This matrix will constitute a growth support composed of natural agrosourced polymers. The originality of this project lies in the preparation of a sterilized, bi-component, biocompatible and porous support, get by a knitting process and ready to use. This material will be constituted of poly(lactic-co-glycolicacid) (PLGA) as substrate (insuring mechanical function) and chitosan as surface coating (for bio functionalization).

Challenges of this project are multiple. First, a scientific and technic challenge, purposed the making of an innovative product, at the crossroad of biotechnologies and agroresources sectors. The second one is the tissue engineering product’s maturation, from the concept to the making of an operational prototype, validated in preoperative conditions; a key step for the product valorization to the companies.

All these challenges should be met in a consortium federating the different crossborder’s complementariness expertises. Research and development actions include the focusing of PLGA wires (medical grade), the chitosan coating, the knitting textile 3D matrix, and its use for bone rebuilding. Communication actions, which will implement throughout the project, integrate different medias for information diffusion, events organization dissemination to the companies.

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